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Shenzhen UPIN tech Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company. We are deeply engaged in the digital drawing&handwriting and electronic signature paperless office field. We have a core technical support team that can quickly respond to users needs, and all productions are accord with RoHs standard and approved CE,FCC recognition.

Our main products are pen tablet, pen display ,pen computer and signature pad etc. We are doing OEM&ODM for other main brand.

We also have own brand — ACEPEN.

Shenzhen UPIN tech Co.,Ltd. will always create greater value for customers through product experience and quality services.

Core Technology

Electromagnetic induction touch: The basic principle is to transmit electromagnetic signals through a special electromagnetic pen to communicate with the electromagnetic antenna board. When the electromagnetic pen is close to the antenna board, the antenna board will sense the electromagnetic signal of the pen and change the induction coil under the electromagnetic induction board. The horizontal and vertical antenna arrays receive signals, and the control IC calculates the corresponding position of the X and Y coordinates of the stylus through the change of magnetic flux.

At the same time , because the pen has a longitudinal pressure sensor, when the user writes with it, the pen tip is stressed , and the pressure is transmitted to the pressure sensor through the pen core. Through IC calculation into Z-axis data changes. The pressure change causes the electromagnetic signal sent by the pen to change, and the antenna board it can present different pressure sensitivity according to the induction signal.

This feature is especially suitable for original hand writing and painting where there is a high requirement for fine operation.

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