What kind of tablet is suitable for beginner

What kind of tablet is suitable for beginners? To be good at their work, they must first sharpen their tools. No matter what kind of painting they paint, tools are the most important. Choosing the right tools can make painting easier and more convenient. So how do you choose a tablet as a beginner? In order to help interested friends understand that most people choose painting training institutions, today I will show you what kind of digital tablet is suitable for beginners?

Computer painting is already the most common way of painting, and computer painting needs to use a tablet. A tablet, also known as a drawing board, drawing board, hand-painted board, etc., is a type of computer input device, usually composed of a board and a pressure-sensitive pen. It is similar to the handwriting board as an unconventional input product, and it is aimed at a certain user group.

The resolution is as literal. The simple description is similar to the display resolution. The higher the resolution of the same size, the higher the picture quality of the display. The same is true for the board. The higher the resolution, the greater the amount of information in this stroke and the fuller the lines. The resolution generally ranges from 2540 to 5000.

The reading speed is easy to understand. It is the reading speed when you are drawing at a high speed. If the reading speed is poor, it is easy to cause the lines to break or be uneven when the drawing is fast. The general parameter is 100- 200 or more. There is also the size of the board and the material of the board. The practicality of these two points is even higher than the above parameters. First of all, if you use it for painting, I suggest not to buy a board less than 8*6 (unit is inches).

        The problem that needs to be solved is the use of software. The software is nothing more than PS and SAI. The most commonly used software is for beginners to choose one of the two. The above is some personal suggestions on what kind of tablet to use for beginners. Friends who don’t know what kind of tablet to choose can use this as a reference.

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