First Experience Of Digital Tablet For Novices

Drawing a little white, I’m super envious and sketching a few strokes is a lovely painting.

Recently, my friend gave me an ACEPEN AP604 graphic tablet.

After unpacking the box, the configuration is very complete: tablet host + passive pressure sensitive pen + data cable + replacement pen core + pen core removal device. And the board also supports connecting to mobile phones, equipped with an adapter, it is really novice friendly!

Download the driver on the official website, connect it to the board, and use it. Novices are afraid of various technical terms and requirements that they cannot understand, and directly open the drawing attachments that come with the computer.

It’s really easy to get started, the strokes are responsive, and the touch feels comfortable. You can just click on the board to switch the brush or something.

I was particularly worried about the complexity of the operation. Now I am completely relieved.

Now I am a little looking forward to my new journey of painting!

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