Adjustable Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand



Model S-78
Material Aluminum alloy+Silica gel
Package Product Size 250 x 60 x 30mm
Net Weight 340g
Gross Weight 375g
Package Size 475x 250 x 120mm
Gross Weight 10.2KG
Net Weight 11.2KG
Quantity 30 pics

Product description

Lightweight, portable and easy to store

Excellent load-bearing capacity: golden triangle with damping joints, stable support

Comfortable viewing angle experience: Improve viewing angle, liberate the spine, relax the wrist

Aluminum alloy material, oxidation sandblasting

Nine levels of adjustment, comfortable experience, suitable for your office posture requirements

Silicone anti-skid protection: using silicone material, stable and not easy to damage

Widely compatible with various devices



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