Battery Free Animation Design Digital Drawing Tablet

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OS Supported—-You can easily connect your phone to the tablet with the OTG connector; only mobile phone and tablet powered by version 6.0 or above are supported.


Active Area 9*5 inches
Overall Dimension 26.3cm*19.7cm*0.9cm
Weight 379 g
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 Levels
Reading Speed 266 P/S
Reading Resolution 5080 LPI
Sensor Height 10 MM
Pen Accuracy ±0.01mm
Connection Interface Type-c
Gross Weight 678 g (with package)
Carton Weight 20.6 kg (30 pcs in 1 carton)


1. Create more with less constraint.

A wide working space that takes up 77% area of the pen tablet with a narrowed trim not only ensures a sufficient space for creation but also a compact device for a tidy desk.

2. Better efficiency brought by press keys.

Work with higher efficiency can be realized thanks to the 8 programmable press keys, which allow users to access their most frequently-used functions via a single press.

3. Pen-on-paper drawing experience.

Full covered panel together with a paper-like surface finishing brings your drawing experience to a new level. Write and draw on this pen tablet is as naturally as you do on paper.

4. Create with a better pen.

As one of the most popular battery-free digital pen produced by Acepen, B01 features accurate, stable, and smooth drawing experience, offering users a professional and reliable device.

5. Fast connection via the foolproof USB-C..

Foolproof USB-C port that support reverse insertion brings better convenience to users when connecting the pen tablet to PCs or phones.

6. Achieve more with wide compatibility.

Compatibility with Win7 or later, macOS10.12 or later, Android6.0 or later and the mainstream design and office software. Users can enjoy painting, gaming, online learning, etc. with the Acepen AP906


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