When tablet connect to the computer, the cursor of stylus can not move.

(1). Please make sure your USB cable has connected to computer tightly? If not, please connect it. If yes, please try to unplug and re-plug it to another USB port, or change another USB cable.

(2). When the stylus is far away from the sensitive height of the tablet, please check the LED light of the tablet is on or off. If it always blinks, please unplug and plug again or try to connect it to another USB port.

(3).Try to remove the driver and reboot the computer. When the system returns to the desktop, please connect the tablet to the computer directly (doesn’t need    install driver) and test whether you can use the stylus to control the cursor or not.

(4). If the stylus also can’t control the cursor even you have not installed the driver, please try to test the tablet using another computer. When the problem still exists, there should be a hardware problem .

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