Function of the graphic tablet

The graphic tablet allows you to find the feeling of drawing on paper with a pen, not only that, but it can also do many unexpected things. It can simulate a variety of painters’ brushes, such as the most common brushes. When we apply force, the brush can draw very thick lines. When we apply force very lightly, it can draw very thin and light lines. , It can simulate an airbrush, when you use more force, it can spray more ink and a larger range, and it can also spray fan-shaped effects according to the tilt angle of your pen…In addition to simulating traditional In addition to various brush effects, it can also take advantage of the computer to make effects that cannot be achieved with traditional tools, such as texture painting of patterns according to the amount of pressure. You only need a few strokes to easily draw a full area. A field of flowers of various sizes and shapes…

Good hardware requires good software support. As a hardware input tool, the tablet can be combined with Painter, Photoshop, M-Brush and other drawing software to create works of various styles: oil painting, watercolor painting, sketch… You know, you can simulate more than 400 kinds of strokes with a tablet and a pressure-sensitive pen, combined with Painter software. If you think it’s not enough, you can also define it yourself!

Of course, in addition to CG painting, it can do a lot of things… For example, in drawing applications, you can use Photoshop for image processing; in painting software applications for a relaxed and smooth creative experience; in animation production using Flash In software applications; when playing games, the sensitive sensing speed and precise positioning of the tablet can produce better results and have a better gaming experience.

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