Ace Pen graphic tablet experience report

Before I got the product, I was a complete slab drawing novice. I had never touched slab drawing before. I had a little traditional hand-painting foundation, but I had never touched computer drawing. A friend around me was playing slab drawing. But she uses an ipad, and she has never used a tablet before.

I will summarize the product experience in two aspects. The first aspect is about packaging. When I first got the product, to be honest, the design of the outer packaging of the product pattern is okay, using colorful drawing tools, close to the purpose of the product itself, the paper of the packaging box is a bit soft, I think the product price should not be very high, see The front of the box is a bit like a traditional drawing tool box, and has little to do with digital products. In my personal understanding, the outer packaging box of digital products should have a hard texture, simple and generous colors, and a bit futuristic.

The second aspect is that as a novice board painter, I have experience in specific products. The tablet is very light in hand, not as heavy as a mobile phone. It is easy to carry and put in the computer bag. The product layout has a frosted texture. It’s not very slippery. This is great for painting. I use a PS. When I started drawing, I felt that the tip of the pen was a bit easy to touch by mistake. When I put it on the canvas for a while, the pop-up window appeared. For a novice like me It’s a bit annoying. The pen may not be very friendly to people with fat hands. It would be great if the pen body can be stretched!

For the pressure-sensitive pen, I think there is still a bit of delay when I first get started, but the sensitivity will be much better if you adjust it more, and you need to practice more on the drawing board to find the feel.

Generally speaking, the experience is good, and it is very good for me, a novice who wants to learn board drawing!

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