How to choose the graphic tablet is better

Graphic tablet painting, referred to as board painting, refers to the use of digital modern technology to perform painting and coloring operations on a computer. Compared with hand-painting, board painting has many advantages, such as easy modification, convenient coloring, and portability. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to learn board painting. In order to help friends who are interested to buy a suitable tablet, today I will show you how to choose a tablet?

Choose tools. The tools for pen tablet drawing are the pen tablet and software. How to choose the pen tablet? Pay attention to the following points:

1. Whether the pen needs to be charged, that is, the so-called active and passive.

2. the pressure sensitivity, the latest digital tablet is generally 8192, the higher the pressure sensitivity, the more delicate the painting.

3. The size of the painting area is the size of the area when you are drawing. This determines the scope of your painting. I personally recommend that 8*5 and above be more comfortable.

4. Shortcut keys. Shortcut keys such as brush, eraser, and move are essential when drawing. If you have enough shortcut keys on the board, you don’t need a keyboard.

5. Brands, don’t choose miscellaneous brands, you must have a very complete quality assurance and after-sales system.

6. Price. For students or those who are just starting out, don’t choose so expensive, because you have to try to feel whether you like it or not. Choose a durable and cost-effective one, which is often better than just paying attention to the price. Better.

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