How to Draw Anime Illustrations with graphic Tablets for Beginners

How to draw with a hand-painted board? How can I draw a good hand-painted? What are the techniques for drawing a good hand-painted? Presumably these problems are troublesome for those who are new to painting, so how can we draw a good hand-painted board? Today I sorted out how to draw with a hand-painted board.

In addition to hand-painted drawings, software application illustrators mostly use hand-painted boards combined with design software to draw. At least one of PS, SAI, CORELDRAW, ILLUSTRATER and other software is required. The painting brush that comes with the software is something you can’t have in hand-painting.

Basic sketching The most basic of illustrators is sketching, and the strength of the basic sketching determines the future height. For the composition of the picture, black-and-white effects, three-dimensional performance, spatial effects, etc., sketch learning is required. Sketches are mainly learned through the steps of copying, drawing photos, painting objects, and creating by themselves.

Color matching is not enough for the study of sketching. The main colors of the sketch are black, white and gray. The color that the grasp of the color gives things can be practiced through similar colors, cold and warm colors, and the painting has its own color style. .

Board-drawing skills. Because hand-painting is not as rich as ps software brushes, illustrators mostly need to use hand-painted boards to paint. They need to master the basic board painting. They can also achieve complete picture composition and a sense of space on the computer.

Other knowledge Illustrators need not only the foundation of fine art sketching and color, but also the basic foundation in the field of animation or comics, such as sub-mirror, etc., to integrate these knowledges and express it in the form of illustration.

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