The Parameters Of The Tablet

The core parameters of the tablet: pressure sensitivity level, resolution, reading speed, drawing area size

1. Pressure sensitivity level (refers to the pressure sensitivity level is the sensitivity of the pen to the light and heavy, which captures every moment of the change in the strength of the painter, and is calculated by the computer)

The current pressure sensitivity level is divided into three levels: 512 (beginner), 1024 (advanced), 2048 (expert). Generally speaking, the higher the pressure sensitivity level, the more subtle differences can be sensed.

2. Resolution (the higher the reading resolution, the less image jagged)

The common resolutions are 2540, 3048, 4000, 5080, so what is the difference between their reading resolutions?

For example, compared to a camera with 2 million pixels and an 8-megapixel camera, the resolution is also different.

But as a beginner, the suggestion is that 2540 is sufficient.

3. Reading speed (sensing speed, the faster the reading speed, the faster the feeling speed)

The faster the sensing speed, the more comfortable and smoother it is when drawing. Some of our more common reading speeds are: 100, 133, 150, 200, 220, but the current product has a minimum of 133 and a maximum of 230, 100 points. There is generally no obvious delay in the above, and there is basically no delay at 200 points.

4. The size of the painting area

Very important parameters determine your actual painting range. The larger the area, the more expensive the price! Generally, the effective usable area of the tablet can be broadly divided into three sizes: large, medium and small, how big are these three sizes?

Small size is about half of A5 paper, medium size is about half of A4 paper, then large size is about A4 sheet. For beginners, it is recommended to choose medium or small size. When you are proficient, you can choose large size for advanced training.

Therefore, when the effective input area of the tablet is large, on the one hand there is more space for painting and the action is more natural, on the other hand, when drawing details, the larger the area of the tablet, the unit area can be used to control the recognition of an area. The more points, the more delicate the brush strokes can be reflected; in addition, it is the feel. In the absolute coordinate mode, if the area of the digital input device is much different from the screen size, the size of the drawing is actually the same as that seen on the screen. The size will vary greatly in proportion. Over time, it may affect the feel of the painting.

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