Which Systems And Drawing Software Are Suitable For The Tablet

1. Computer operating system configuration: Windows and Mac, these two systems need to install drivers on the computer operating system to create, or it can be used as a mouse

Speaking of drivers, many people will say that the driver CD is included with the purchase of the board! If you find that you don’t have a CD, or your computer doesn’t have a CD drive, don’t panic. In fact, everyone is downloading drivers directly from the Internet now ~ various types of board driver downloads (including windows system and mac system)

Mobile phone operating system: Android, iOS, Hongmeng system. For the mobile terminal, some configuration operations are required. For example, for the Hongmeng system, it will prompt to install a plug-in on the system. You need to restart the system to use it.

All of the above operating systems I know are compatible with the tablet operation.

2. What are the drawing software?

There are many drawing software on the computer, such as Photoshop, SAI, CSP, etc., and there are also many mobile phone software, such as painter, Sketch book, painting world, concept drawing board, MediBang Paint and so on.

3. How to install and use the drawing software?

It is the official website of SAI. The website currently only supports Japanese and English. After downloading PS, there will be a trial period for downloading. After the trial period is over, you need to purchase a certificate for activation before you can continue to use it normally. The PS without activation can be used, but it can only be used for the trial period, but now many of them are pure versions of PS downloads, which are basically cracked versions. The tablet is also compatible with the latest version of PS.

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