Digital Tablet Product Features

1. Professional pressure sensor, almost achieve zero error, more precision, reduce delay, close to zero painting feel. 2. Support the connection of various systems, Windows, mac, mobile phones support Android system, Hongmeng system, high compatibility 3. 5 more practical shortcut keys, more concentrated and quick one-handed operation to improve efficiency. 4. The body is slimmer […]

Ace Pen Experience Report

Before I got the product, I was a complete board-painting novice. I had never touched board-painting before. I had a little bit of traditional hand-painting, but I had never touched computer painting. I had friends playing board-painting. But she uses an ipad, and she has never used a tablet before. I will summarize the product […]

The Device Is Not Connected

Check the tablet before installing the driver. When you press the shortcut key of the tablet, check whether the indicator light is on and the pen can be moved: 1. The indicator light is on and the pen can’t move–the pen is a problem, you need to change the pen. 2. The indicator light does […]

The Device Is Not Connected And Needs To Be Detected

Hi sir, 1. When you connect the tablet, use the pen touch tablet, if the light on?And before you install driver, can you use the pen as mouse?2. Which driver you download from Acepen Team ? 3. Which computer you use and which versions? Do you ever download other drivers before?4. Also check your code […]

Mac System Thinks The Driver Is Unsafe, How To Set

Settings-Security and Privacy-General— Allow downloading of APP from the following locations— APP store and approved APP download-Whether to allow the installation of unidentified APP, please select Allow