It is important to learn these mainstream graphic tablet hand-painting software

It is important to learn these mainstream digital tablet hand-painting software. Hand-painting has many advantages for a designer. The biggest advantage is that you can communicate more efficiently; you can further visualize your design ideas; record and capture instant inspiration at the fastest speed. In order to help friends who are interested understand what painting software most people would choose, today I will take you to take a look at the importance of learning mainstream digital tablet hand-painted painting software.

1. The software Adobe Photoshop ps is like a panacea~ As long as it is related to image processing, it seems that it can be used to complete it. This is also the reason why it can still be strong even after so many great competing products appear now~

2. Painter is the ultimate choice of digital sketching and painting tools. It is an extremely good natural-looking painting software with comprehensive and realistic natural-looking brushes. It is specially developed for digital artists, illustrators and photographers who desire to pursue free creativity and who need digital tools to simulate traditional paintings. It is more suitable for CG professionals~ If you want to develop towards the great career of CG~

3. Paint Tool SAI SAI is very compact, occupies a small amount of memory, and is easy to operate~ Remember that it should be developed by the Japanese. Because the skill of hooking is particularly prominent, your drawing is crooked or shaking~ It will automatically smooth it for you~ Very foolish and easy to use~ So many people use it to draw line drafts. Especially suitable for drawing comics~

4. CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO has the main functions of ComicStudio and IllustStudio. The PRO version is suitable for illustrations, to replace IllustStudio, and can also draw professional comics, which is very powerful. It also integrates the 3D reference function of POSE STUDIO, and is more NB, equal to 3 software in one, and has far surpassed Sai. Quite quite 叼~If you love comics~ it can satisfy you~

5.Painter Essentials This software can be understood as a quick and streamlined version of Pt. It evolved based on the Pt9 version, but the interface is very user-friendly, better than Pt9. Photo painting has been upgraded, so it is more suitable for families, beginners, image processing personnel, and natural professionals… If you think Pt is too cumbersome, then choose this.

6.Autodesk sketch book This software used to be my favorite. After all, the author used to be an ID designer and used to draw some product renderings frequently. This software is simple and handy regardless of marking or coloring. And soon! The official brushes are basically enough for daily creation. It is said that there are more and better brushes in the professional version~

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